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We are always concerned about how we look. It is incredibly demanding when you give birth. During pregnancy, our body change in ways that may seem hard to rectify. For instance, the tummy may sag, and breasts deflate. However, you don’t have to worry anymore. This article provides ways plus-size mommy makeovers can help you recover your original look.

What is a plus-size mommy makeover?

A plus-size mommy makeover is not different from other mommy makeovers except that it is customized to treat the problematic areas in plus-size and overweight patients.

It involves reshaping your breasts and tummy back to the pre-baby state. It includes more than one procedure to regain your original shape. The procedures are customized to restore a fit, firm pre-baby body. The method may be surgical or non-surgical treatment to meet your needs.

For you to qualify for a mommy makeover, it’s important to consider four factors. First, you should not be planning to have more children later, and you are no longer nursing. Your weight should also be in place, with a BMI of no more than 34. Lastly, you should not have any chronic or severe medical problems.

While the above factors may limit your chances of undergoing the procedure, plus-size woman or overweight patients may still have a mommy makeover with the right surgeon. The aim of the process is not to create a perfect body. Instead, it aims to bring out your natural beauty and uniqueness. Therefore, a selection of different procedures will meet your needs.

The total cost for the procedure depends on your needs. It’s, therefore, vital that you consult with the right medical provider for the exact cost of the procedure.

Can I have a Mommy Makeover with a High BMI?

Your BMI is an essential factor to consider while thinking of undergoing the mommy makeover. One primary condition of the procedure is to ensure that you are in good health. You should ensure that your BMI is less than 40.

BMI is a measure of your total fat to your weight. Typically, people with BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 are healthy individuals and thus qualify for the procedure. Higher BMI is associated with health issues such as obesity and other underlying medical conditions. You can consult your doctor to determine what you can do to lower your BMI to the required value. However, those whose BMI is up to 34 are eligible for the makeover at Boutinic Aesthetics. Patients with BMI over 34 should contact us for a personalized consultation in order to evaluate if they qualify for the procedure.

Additionally, a higher BMI can significantly impact your surgical results. For instance, high BMI is associated with high risks of contracting infections, poor immunity, increased swelling, and bruising. Furthermore, it is linked to anesthesia risk and longer anesthesia recovery. Therefore, plan to work on your BMI before having a mommy makeover.

What can I expect from a plus-size Mommy Makeover surgery?

The procedure typically reshapes your body to the pre-baby stage. Therefore, expect to have “lifted firmer breasts during the surgery.” During breastfeeding, the breast usually increases in size and sags quickly. Even after the child has grown, your breast may not regain its original small size as during the pre-pregnancy period. The procedure, therefore, involves breast reduction, breast lift, or both depending on your needs.

The second important outcome of the procedure is having “a slimmer tummy.” After giving birth, it’s normal to have loose, hanging skin around the abdomen. Be ready to undergo liposuction and tummy tuck to achieve a trimmer tummy.

In the first case, liposuction involves sucking out pocket fats. On the other hand, a tummy tuck is all about removing loose skin, thus creating a tighter and more toned tummy area. However, it all depends on the condition of your body. Some may qualify for both procedures, while others may not.

Other options may include surgical arm lifts, double chin treatment, or virginal rejuvenation and buttock augmentation.

Post-op tips and recovery

As you plan for your surgery, it is also vital that you prepare well for your recovery. It is not limited to scheduling your work plan or having someone around in the house for help. It involves the type of clothing and other nitty-gritty factors to include.

For you to recover sufficiently, ensure you have enough time to recover. Also, ensure that you eat healthily and stay hydrated in your comfortable, relaxing area. More importantly, sleep enough using your back or in the recliner posture, especially in breast enhancement and tummy tuck cases. It’s essential to take all the medications as directed.

You can also participate in light exercises such as walks to improve your blood circulation. On the other hand, avoid straining activities such as weight lifts and straining. Last but not least is attending all follow-up appointments as directed by your physician.

About Plus-size Mommy Makeover risks

Depending on the individual, several risks are associated with a plus-size mommy makeover. Some common risks after the surgery may include; bleeding, infections, poor healing of incisions, being unable to breastfeed, possible cases of implant leak, capsular contracture, recurrent looseness of the skin, and fat necrosis.

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Here at Boutinic Aesthetics, you will have the perfect plus-size mommy makeover in Miami to help you regain your dream look. We have the top-rated surgeons for all plastic-related procedures. We specialize in cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as plus-size mommy makeovers. Have your mommy makeover here and enjoy world-class service at an agreeable pocket-friendly budget.

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