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bbl recovery best post op guide

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Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) continue to increase in popularity around the world for their ability to enhance the shape and volume of the butt. The procedure involves using fat grafting and liposuction to define curves, create a butt lift, and increase the volume of the butt.

As more men and women prepare and plan to undergo a BBL, it’s important to be aware of the post-op process to ensure it’s smooth and successful while working closely with a plastic surgeon at Boutinic Aesthetics.  

Is BBL recovery painful?

The pain and discomfort that comes with a BBL are similar to other types of cosmetic surgeries, but mainly most patients experience soreness rather than pain. The effects of the surgery can lead to muscular soreness, where most of the discomfort is present in the days following the procedure.

It’s important to have the help of a caregiver in your home to assist with different tasks and duties that may be too uncomfortable to perform on your own as you heal and recover. This is when bruising and swelling are also present and when your plastic surgeon recommends resting and limiting your physical activity. You may also feel numbness on the butt at times.

Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to offer relief and manage the discomfort in the first week or two following the procedure. Taking short walks can reduce some of the inflammation and promote circulation as your body recovers. Avoid placing direct pressure on the buttocks and sleep on your stomach or side.

How long is recovery for BBL?

The average recovery process after undergoing a BBL is six weeks. The first two weeks of the recovery process are the most uncomfortable and are when you should avoid laying or sitting on your backside, which can lead to complications and affect how quickly you recover. You can begin using a donut seat to feel more comfortable when you need to sit.

After seven days, you can typically start to participate in light activity. Ten days following the procedure, your plastic surgeon will allow you to return to work. It’s important to avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting until your body fully heals. Most people must wait to return to strenuous physical activity until six to eight weeks post-op. It’s also important to listen to your plastic surgeon’s instructions after your post-op exam as you’re closely monitored.

There are some important steps to take to increase the recovery process and alleviate some of the side effects of undergoing a BBL. Always take extra time off work to avoid getting back onto your feet too soon. Spend as much time as possible lying on your stomach or standing. Staying hydrated is also critical to flush the toxins from your body and reduce inflammation. Stick to a healthy diet and reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates, which can exasperate inflammation. Cut high-sodium foods out of your diet, as well, which can cause the body to retain too much fluid.

Each patient has a different recovery process following a BBL, but most people are able to return to work after ten days. You’ll need to be examined by your plastic surgeon to ensure you’re healing properly before you can return to work.

Most people take an average of one week off of work, but your plastic surgeon may recommend two weeks. It can be difficult to sit the first two weeks post-op, which can put some people at risk if they choose to return to work too soon.

Although it’s possible to resume light activities after returning home after undergoing a BBL, it can prolong the healing process and lead to complications if you attempt to sit down while spending time at work or performing too much physical activity. If you have to sit, it’s recommended to use a BBL pillow to avoid placing too much pressure on the backside in the first few weeks following the procedure.

BBL recovery supplies list

One of the most important parts of the BBL recovery process is having the right supplies available to ensure you remain comfortable and can heal properly. A female urinal is one of the most used supplies you’ll need for several weeks or months to avoid sitting while using the restroom.

A Stage 1 Faja is another important product that will offer compression to your body and will lift the buttocks. Lipo foams are an added product to buy and can smooth compression over a suctioned area of the body where liposuction was performed.

Additional supplies you’ll need to have access to following the BBL include an ab board, seamless tank tops, cleansing wipes, slides, and compression socks. Seamless tank tops should be worn daily to prevent the foam from causing irritation to your skin.

There are also a few supplies you may need pre-op to prepare for the surgery. Your plastic surgeon may advise you to take a blood health supplement, which will promote healthy hemoglobin levels in the body. You will likely need to have a hemoglobin level of 12 to be cleared for surgery.

Abdominal and lumbar boards will also prove to be helpful for providing your midsection with extra support and will prevent too much fluid retention.

BBL recovery week by week

Week 1

– The first-week post-op requires caring for your surgical sites and drains while avoiding sitting or laying on your backside. Your doctor will advise you to take frequent walks to promote circulation.

Week 2

– You’ll notice you can perform light activity during the second week and that some of the pain and discomfort subsides. It’s important to continue using a BBL doughnut pillow and avoid sitting.

Week 3

– The third week of the recovery process is when you’ll start to feel more like yourself and regain some of your physical strength. Your doctor will likely clear you to return to work.

Week 4

– Around this time, you’ll notice a lot of your swelling will start to subside.

Week 5

– This is when you can resume light exercise and take longer walks.

Week 6

– Week six is when you likely don’t feel any pain or soreness.

Week 7

– Most of the swelling is gone, and you can resume exercising.

Week 8

– This is when the results are most visible, and you can review the results with the plastic surgeon. Continue sitting on the cushion as your body heals.

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