High Profile Implant vs Moderate

high profile implants vs moderate

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A breast implant is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that women can use to improve their appearance and gain confidence. These days, the two most common types of implants are silicone breast implants and saline breast implants. The choice between silicone breasts vs. saline breast implants will largely depend on the client’s individual goals and body type.

Why Breast Implant Profiles Matter

The breast implant profile refers to the projection of the breasts after the implant. The implant shape and projection are important factors that affect the overall breast augmentation result. Breast implants are available in various shapes, from teardrop-shaped implants to anatomic, or round. On the other hand, you can choose between high, low, or moderate breast implant profiles. Each of these has its advantages and drawbacks.

For this reason, it’s essential to consult your Plastic Surgeon about the different options. Your surgeon will be able to discuss the different implant profiles with you and help you decide which is best for you. Some women have an overwhelming preference for specific profiles, while others don’t mind if their breasts are less pointy or are round or teardrop-shaped after the surgery.

Difference Between High-profile and Moderate-profile Implants

A moderate-profile implant has a mild teardrop shape and is often used for women with small breast sizes or who have lost weight. A woman with this style of implant will get moderate results, which means that it will look natural, and the implants will sit just under the breast tissue, pushing the breasts forward. The moderate-profile implant is also one of the most popular choices because it is less visible than other implants.

In addition, the moderate profile is also more comfortable, as the implants are not located directly under the skin and are, therefore, more durable. This also means that patients can choose low center-mass or banded arms for their implants without risking rippling or pulling of the skin when wearing a bra.

High-profile implants have a more excellent projection and often only come in one size. This style is ideal for women who want volume in their breasts and will have moderate to high-profile results. These are typically made from saline breast implants, making them more durable than silicone breast implants.

They may be a better choice for breast enlargements because they sit low under the breast tissue, which makes them less visible to other people. A high-profile implant is the best option for achieving a voluminous and noticeable breast augmentation look since they create more dramatic results.

Which Breast Implant Profile is Right for You?

While there is no “one size fits all” approach, many women are comfortable with a moderate-profile implant. For example, a moderate profile implant will provide the best results if you have small breasts but natural feminine curves in your figure. You will get the volume to your breasts without looking unnatural and end up with big breasts. Many women prefer a high-profile implant because it makes the breasts fuller and more shapely.

Chest width is one of the main factors determining the implant profile choice. You won’t have enough breast tissue if you are a petite woman. For this reason, you may need a high-profile implant to give you the desired volume. On the other hand, if your chest width is comparable to a full-figured woman, a moderate-profile implant is more natural. Your surgeon will help you find the best type of breast implant for your specific goals.

Breast symmetry is another factor that plays a role in the choice of implant profile. If you have asymmetrical breasts, a moderate-profile implant is probably your best choice; it will give you more even breasts. This will make your appearance more natural and eliminate any gaps in the shape of your breasts. A high-profile implant will give you better symmetry if you have similar-sized breasts. That is because it will fill the space between them.

Another important consideration when choosing breast implants is breast proximity to the breastbone. A high-profile implant will be more natural if you have close-set breasts. The breast will be pushed toward the center and look better without too much volume while maintaining a natural shape. Women who want more upper cleavage also tend to opt for high-profile implants. They give better results regarding the concealment of underarm fat and reduced distance between the breastbone and bust line.

Let Your Surgeon Help You

While the decision largely depends on your preferences, many different implant profiles exist. Your plastic surgeon can help you find the right breast implant profile. They will discuss your options from a moderate profile to a high-profile implant and help you decide the best option.

While breast implants have a high degree of safety, some rare complications can still occur with breast augmentation surgery. This occurs when the capsule surrounding your implant hardens after surgery, causing pain and discomfort in your breasts. In some cases, it can cause firmness and wrinkling of the skin in and around the breasts. If this happens, your surgeon may have to perform a capsular contracture removal or exchange surgery to fix the problem.

Make sure your plastic surgeon offers a consultation with the procedure you’re interested in. This way, you can hear more about the different types of breast implants and their advantages and disadvantages.


It’s essential to understand your options for the best breast implants. Your surgeon will help you find the right breast implant profile while ensuring they are within safe limits. For more information on breast implants and the different types of implants available, contact us at Boutinic Aesthetics today.

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