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Men also get buttocks augmentation.

Male BBL is a cosmetic procedure that targets the buttocks. With Male BBL, fat or liposuctioned fat is transferred from a different area of the body to the gluteal region. A Brazilian butt lift uses thin sheets of fat obtained by liposuction to sculpt the buttocks. It may also be referred to as male butt enhancement or male buttock augmentation.

Why a Brazilian Butt Lift for Men?

Men with smaller buttocks may want to raise or perk up the look of their bottom. Men with a flat behind are typically self-conscious about their silhouette. A fat transfer to the buttocks is one procedure that can help enhance the appearance of a man’s buttocks. The fat transfer can make the buttocks appear more rounded, contoured, and sculpted. In some cases, a fat transfer can even improve the size of a flat behind.

The fat used to fat transfer for Male BBL is typically taken from the abdomen. The liposuction of the abdominal fat can either be performed by a doctor under general anesthesia or it can be performed in a physician’s office using local anesthesia.

Difference Between Male BBL and Female BBL

Female BBL and Male BBL are cosmetic procedures that target the buttocks. In both procedures, the fat or liposuctioned fat is transferred from a different area of the body to the gluteal region. The main differences between female and male BBL consist in the way and areas that surgeons address to give a new shape and volume according to gender characteristics. During a Brazilian Butt Lift in men, the surgeon will remove instead of transfer fat to hips and “love flanks” to create a more masculine look.

Another difference between both procedures is the muscle and fat used to sculpt the buttocks. Male BBL uses thin sheets of fat that are injected evenly to sculpt the buttocks achieving a more discrete improvement; while women usually get a more dramatic transformation and projection of the buttocks.

Butt Augmentation Options for Men

Gluteal shaping

Treatment of the gluteal region can take many forms. The procedure depends on your body type to achieve the best results. For example, individual shaping of each cheek is ideal for patients with a square shape, while a rounder shape may require more fat to achieve shape and volume. Obese patients may need liposuction of a large area, including the upper and lower buttocks and outer thighs, which one will then use in the buttocks.

Gluteal augmentation

Gluteal augmentation can be used for patients who want to enhance the shape and appearance of the buttocks. The procedure will involve procedures like fat transfer, injection of filler, and liposuction, plus a buttock massage.

Buttock contouring

This procedure takes advantage of areas on the buttocks that are not used or are underutilized to enhance their shape and appearance. Procedures like liposuction or fat transfer can be done in these areas as part of a buttock contouring procedure, usually done as part of a plastic surgery procedure, if performed at all.

Buttock lifts

For patients with more enormous buttocks or those patients who have suffered significant weight loss, one may use gluteal lifts to enhance the shape and appearance of their buttocks. Buttock lifts are performed by making incisions into the fat layer of the buttocks and muscles, thereby altering the arrival of the buttocks and restoring a more youthful appearance.


Candidates for buttock enhancement procedures can be unhappy with their current level of contour and shape. The two most common forms of buttock enhancement are gluteal shaping and implants. Buttock augmentation is a less invasive procedure that may be chosen by patients who want to enhance the appearance of their buttocks by using substances like fillers and fat transfer.

How Does Male BBL Work?

Male BBL is not a one-step procedure but more of an ongoing process. The procedure is done in different stages that take more than 1 hour to perform. The first stage of male BBL is an incision made into the patient’s buttocks, which allows surgeons to remove the fat around the buttocks and place it in a second incision. The second incision is placed higher on the patient’s buttocks and into the original cut.

This step involves a suctioned or needle method used to inject fat into each incision. Once the fat has been injected, your surgeon will use a liposuction machine to remove the extra fat around your buttocks. Once this has been completed, your surgeon will place two sutures around the top and bottom holes and then close them up to leave you with natural-looking results.

How Long Does Male BBL Take?

Male BBL takes more than two hours to complete. Your doctor’s timeline will depend on how many operations they will perform on you and what they plan on doing to your buttocks. Male BBL is a procedure that should only be chosen by men who are sure about their desired results. This procedure will make a man’s life easier because he no longer has to work out if he doesn’t feel like it. The benefits of this procedure include an increase in the buttocks’ size and shape, which makes it easier for men to wear clothes and feel more comfortable about their bodies. It can also boost a man’s self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Boutinic Aesthetics is committed to providing the best aesthetic results in the process of all cosmetic surgery procedures. We have whole experience in doing Male Brazilian Butt Lift. At our cosmetic surgery center, you can find skilled surgeons who know how to create volume and contour in the male buttocks for an appealing look. For more information, contact us at (305) 504-8628.

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