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As the backside has gained more attention in recent years, it’s caused both men and women to want to improve the appearance of their butt and make it more attractive to complement their figures. There are many types of surgeries that enhance the shape and volume of the butt, but most require going under the knife. For those who want a less invasive option, a non-surgical butt lift is an excellent alternative due to the smooth recovery process and excellent results it delivers.

Can you get a BBL look without surgery?

Injectable butt lifts are increasing in popularity because of how easy and efficient they are to undergo compared to a traditional BBL. Non-surgical butt lifts enhance the curve, shape, and volume of the backside by injecting fat or dermal fillers into each buttock to achieve natural results.

Many people attest to the results it delivers because it will enhance the shape and size of the butt and allow it to look like you underwent a BBL.

There are many types of butt lifts available through plastic surgery centers like Boutinic Aesthetics, but an injectable butt lift is the easiest to perform and undergo.

What is a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

A non-surgical butt lift is a quick and easy process, which includes injecting filler or fat into each buttock to lift, contour, and shape the butt. The plastic surgeon may add polylactic-L-acid underneath the skin if you opt for a butt lift that uses Sculptra, which helps encourage the production of collagen in the targeted area for longer results after the filler has dissolved.

Fat injection butt lifts are highly appealing to patients because they deliver immediate results. You can expect the appointment to be short and just over 30 minutes. In many cases, a topical anesthetic is used where the injections are inserted, and the needle of the injector will be thoroughly sterilized.

Non-invasive Butt Lift Options

Two main non-invasive butt lift options are available when you’re considering undergoing this option.


Many patients opt for Sculptra with their non-surgical butt lift because of its ability to promote collagen production in the body. This allows the skin to develop more elasticity and can create a more youthful and natural appearance. As an FDA-approved injection, it’s a more popular option that was originally designed for the face and helps restore lost volume at the injection site.

The product is a poly-L-lactic acid that is both biodegradable and biologically compatible with the patient’s body. The enhanced collagen it helps produce in the body allows the body to do all of the work in the next three to six months. It’s extremely safe and continues to remain popular due to how well it works.


Radiesse is also increasing in popularity and also produces collagen, which is a saline solution that is diluted with salt water. It delivers results within several weeks and consists of calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a naturally occurring substance that is already present in the body. This product has a thick consistency and adds instant volume.

Radiesse is also effective for gradually boosting collagen production in the body as the filler dissolves to ensure you can maintain your results long-term. The results last an average of two years, depending on how quickly you metabolize the filler.

This option is also ideal for patients who want to smooth out BBL dimples by restoring volume and creating a more attractive appearance that is flawless and doesn’t consist of as many divots.

How do injectable butt lifts work?

Injectable butt lifts are unique because they rely on dermal fillers and fat transfers to create a larger, curvier butt. This results in a rounder butt that can last for several years.

The different types of injectable butt lift available make it possible to choose the right option while working with a plastic surgeon, depending on the type of results you want to achieve.

Safety and Results

Both Sculptra and Radiesse are known to be safe without a lot of risks involved because they’re non-invasive. It’s important to avoid both options for those who suffer from allergies. The risks that come with Sculptra include tenderness, bruising, inflammation, lumps, bleeding, itching, and minor pain at the injection site.

Risks of Radiesse include redness, swelling, minor bruising, itching, nodules, and loss of sensation. The product is hypoallergenic and nontoxic and is FDA-approved, making it safe to use long-term to maintain your results.

How long does a non-surgical Butt lift last?

The results of a non-surgical butt lift vary and depend on multiple factors. On average, this type of non-invasive butt lift lasts two to three years. Some patients are capable of maintaining their results for up to four years. The timeframe depends on how quickly your body metabolizes the fat or fillers. During the healing process, up to 50% of the fat is absorbed, which may require injecting more of the product during a second appointment.

Fat cells are also prone to change over time, which is why the results are not permanent and will require additional injections in the coming years. It’s possible to maintain the results by attending follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon to ensure you’re carefully monitored. Living a healthy lifestyle can also extend the length of the results.

Follow-up appointments are recommended for boosting collagen production in the body and achieving even better results. Working with your plastic surgeon will allow you to learn more about the results and what you can expect.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Cost

The cost of a non-surgical butt lift is an average of $5,000, but the final price that you pay will be determined by the number of injections used and how much you want your backside to be lifted. The fillers cost an average of $915 per vial, and each patient gets an average of four to ten vials. This is significantly lower compared to undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, which is an average of $8,000.

The level of experience of the plastic surgeon and the location of the facility will also influence the cost. Visiting a medical professional with a higher level of experience can avoid complications and minimize risks while also allowing you to be more satisfied with the outcome.

Brazilian butt lifts are available for a higher price because the process involves removing fat from different areas of the body and injecting it into each buttock. The procedure is known to be much more invasive and involves a lengthy recovery process.

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