Scarless Thigh Lift Options

scarless thigh lift options

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The thighs are one of the main parts of the body and can be shown off while wearing shorts or a bikini in the summer. For those who are self-conscious of their thighs, it can be difficult to wear different types of clothing and show skin during the warmer months of the year. For many individuals, the thighs can become saggy and lack definition, which is why women often opt for scarless thigh lifts to restore their youthful appearance.

What is a scarless thigh lift?

A scarless thigh lift is known as a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is effective in defining, firming, and contouring the thighs. It involves lifting the skin and removing excess fat to create a slimmer appearance and figure without having to undergo surgery.

The procedure doesn’t involve any incisions, which allows patients to achieve slimmer and firmer thighs without any scars left behind. A small incision is made to insert a cannula, which sections the fat to prevent it from returning.

This type of procedure is performed with local anesthesia, allowing the patient to be awake without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Once the cannula is inserted, it begins to make waves to melt the fat with heat. As the fat melts, it’s suctioned out of the thighs through the cannula.

Benefits of Scarless Thigh Lifts Over Other Thigh Lift Methods

Compared to similar thigh lift methods in the industry, scarless thigh lifts don’t leave behind large scars that affect the skin’s appearance. The procedure immediately slims the thighs and only causes a tiny scar that isn’t visible or easy to see.

Another benefit of the procedure is the fast recovery due to how minimally invasive the procedure is when tightening the skin and removing excess fat. Surrounding tissues aren’t damaged due to the lack of large incisions that are made, which makes it easier to heal and recover faster without as much pain involved.

The process is short and easy to recover from to prevent it from interrupting your busy schedule and lifestyle. Each treatment area takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Overall, there isn’t a lot of pain and discomfort involved.

Candidates for Minimally Invasive Thigh Lifts

If you’re considering a minimally invasive thigh lift, you’re a candidate if your weight is relatively stable and you have excess soft tissue on the inner or outer portion of your thighs. Patients must not smoke and must follow a healthy lifestyle with a clean medical history.

Patients must have realistic expectations and goals with the results they want to achieve. Your cosmetic surgeon will meet with you to discuss your goals during the consultation and will provide you with more information on what to expect to ensure you know what to expect with the final results.

Scarless Thigh Lift Options

There are different types of procedures available if you’re seeking a scarless thigh lift, which each offer different types of benefits.

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a form of liposuction performed with ultrasound and is performed by liquefying fat cells and suctioning them out of the body. This type of procedure is minimally invasive and is ideal for patients who want to remove smaller amounts of fat during each session. It involves noticeable skin tightening, which enhances the quality of the results more than traditional liposuction.

Renuvion J Plasma

Renuvion J Plasma is used to tighten skin and rejuvenate it and is a common non-surgical procedure performed in the industry. The skin resurfacing treatment delivers results that last an average of two years, with results that are immediately noticeable. The results continue to improve for a six to nine-month period due to more collagen production that is produced in the body due to the effects of Renuvion J Plasma.


Known as a minimally invasive procedure that contours the body, BodyTite is similar to liposuction but is also effective in improving skin elasticity. Patients notice that their skin becomes 40% firmer, trimmer, and more toned compared to standard liposuction. Although it’s not a weight loss surgery, BodyTite delivers more definition where weakened muscles are present on the treated area.

Patients prefer this type of treatment because it doesn’t involve a lot of discomfort and pain but still delivers impressive and lasting results. Similar to Renuvion J Plasma, the patient is awake during the procedure. The results are immediate but become a lot more apparent an average of three to six months after the treatment is performed as the results gradually improve. The downtime ranges from two to ten days, depending on the extent of the treatment and the overall health of the patient.

How long does a scarless thigh lift last?

Scarless thigh lifts last an average of three to five years. Some patients even notice that their results last up to ten years. Although the skin can start to naturally sag due to aging, the results will still be visible, and follow-up appointments can be scheduled to maintain toned and slim thighs.

Your plastic surgeon will recommend maintaining a healthy weight, which is proven to help the results last longer before you need another appointment. Your lifestyle choices will significantly impact the length of your results, making it necessary to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Do scarless thigh lifts work?

Yes, one of the reasons why scarless thigh lifts are becoming more common is due to how effective they are and the impressive results they deliver when diet and exercise have been unsuccessful. The procedure can smooth the thighs to make them appear fit and toned while tightening the skin, which reverses the signs of weight gain and aging to restore your youthful appearance.

If you want to learn more about scarless thigh lifts and schedule a consultation, you can reach out to our team today to talk to a thigh lift specialist. You can learn more about the procedure and how to prepare for it while having your questions answered by an expert. You’ll also learn more about the results you can expect and will be provided post-op instructions to follow to make it a smooth recovery process.

Talking to a thigh lift specialist can allow you to have the treatment tailored toward your specific needs and body type to ensure you’re happy with the results and have an improved physical appearance. You can look forward to showing off your legs and can have more flexibility with the different attire you wear following the treatment.

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