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The butt is one of the most common areas where people have cosmetic procedures performed as they look to increase its volume, shape, or size. This has caused Sculptra butt lifts to be highly requested due to the impressive results they deliver for adults of any age. The Sculptra butt lift has become popular making it necessary to learn more about what it offers if you want to improve the shape of your figure and physical appearance.

What is Sculptra Butt Lift?

The Sculptra butt lift is a common cosmetic procedure that can enhance the shape of the butt without requiring the patient to undergo surgery, making it less invasive and safer to perform. It involves using a dermal injection, known as Sculptra, that is capable of stimulating the collagen that is present deeper into the skin.

Many patients favor the procedure because it doesn’t have a high risk of scarring and is much safer than other cosmetic procedures available. It can be performed in a medical provider’s office and is an excellent option for those who have experienced weight loss, pregnancy, and the effects of aging.


Candidates for this type of procedure are anyone who is in good health and is willing to stop smoking several days before their appointment. Patients must be healthy enough to get dermal fillers. Patients must also have reasonable butt lift expectations and are committed to attending multiple sessions while maintaining a healthy weight to avoid any changes in the results of the procedure.

Candidates must be patient with the results they achieve due to the progression that must take place and is not always immediate. They can also have any type of body type, which allows the Sculptra butt lift to cater to more people.

Older adults typically request this type of procedure because collagen is lost as we age, which allows the butt lift to restore the collagen and reverse the effects of aging.

Pros and Cons of Sculptra butt lift

There are many advantages that the Sculptra butt lift offers, including the long-term results that the injections offer. Scuptra lasts for two to three years before it needs to be injected again to maintain the results. This is longer than hyaluronic acid-based fillers commonly used in the industry. Overall, the lifespan of the injections depends on your metabolism.

This procedure is ideal because it helps stimulate collagen that is already in the body, which gradually improves the results that are achieved. Most people achieve their desired results in four to six months. Because the results aren’t immediate, it’s more discrete.

The lack of downtime with the procedure is another benefit as it doesn’t require taking time off of work or school. You can immediately return to your schedule and activities without any interruptions.

The low risk of complications of the procedure also offers peace of mind to patients.

One of the drawbacks of the Sculptra butt lift is it requires scheduling multiple appointments to achieve the results you’re seeking, and the results aren’t immediate. The injections are also not permanent, which requires getting them again after several years. However, most cosmetic procedures don’t deliver permanent results.

Some people also get addicted to the results and have a tendency to want to continue their injections, which can lead to an unnatural appearance. This makes it necessary to find a professional who will help you stop when you’ve achieved your desired results and has your safety in mind while you’re in their care.

Sculptra vs BBL: Is Sculptra better than a BBL?

Both Sculptra and BBLs are highly similar in the results they deliver and what each procedure involves. However, there are a few differences to review to determine which option is the right choice for your needs.

Sculptra involves three to four appointments where the dermal injections are used to stimulate collagen in the buttocks. This type of non-surgical procedure is safe and doesn’t come with a lot of risks or side effects. The results last several years and appear natural. It can create a better shape for patients with flat backsides and also smooths cellulite and dimples that are present.

BBls enhance the shape and size of the buttocks with a two-part fat transfer after liposuction is performed on different areas of the body. The fat is often extracted from areas that include the abdomen, lower back, and thighs. BBLs are a lot more invasive and have side effects that include scarring, infections, blood clots, and fat embolism. The recovery time is three to four weeks, and a lot of pain is common during the recovery process. But a buttock augmentation with fat transfer procedure achieves more dramatic and long-lasting results compared with a non-surgical BBL.

How much Sculptra is needed for the buttocks?

On average, up to five vials of Sculptra are used on each side of the buttocks. Two to three treatment sessions must be performed, four to six weeks apart, with an average of 20 to 30 vials needed to achieve your desired results. At least ten vials are necessary to have long-term results.

How is the Sculptra Butt Lift procedure performed?

When you’re preparing for your first Sculptra butt lift appointment, you can expect to be standing up when you’re injected with Sculptra. You will then lie on your stomach when the rest of the Sculptra is injected. Most of the treatments take one hour to complete.

How long does Sculptra last in the buttocks?

Sculptra is a popular procedure because it can last an average of two to five years. This may include occasional touch-ups to maintain the results. The longevity of the results depends on each patient and how fast their body metabolizes the Sculptra.

Once it begins to wear off, the skin naturally adjusts to the smaller size of the buttocks without any sagging skin developing. If you want to maintain the results, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for a consultation to plan for your upcoming appointments.

Sculptra Butt Lift Cost

The average cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift in Miami, Florida, is $4,200 – $7000. The price depends on the desired results of the patient and the number of appointments that are needed. The cost is much lower than a BBL, which has a price tag of $10,000-15,000.

The level of experience of the injector is another factor that will determine how much you’ll pay based on their level of experience with Sculptra butt lifts. It’s important to find a medical professional with surgical expertise to avoid complications and achieve the results you desire. Scheduling an appointment with someone who doesn’t have as much experience can require correcting mistakes with a more qualified professional in the industry.

Personal factors like the amount of Sculptra you want to be inserted and the changes you want to make to your backside will ultimately determine the final cost of the procedure.

Many cosmetic facilities also offer financing to customers to make it easier to afford, especially due to the need for multiple appointments that are needed over time with a Sculptra butt lift.

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