The Role of Compression Garment after BBL

compression garment after bbl

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A Brazilian Butt Lift  is a trendy cosmetic surgery procedure resulting in a fuller, more proportional, youthful-looking buttock area. While the procedure can take several hours, it is only part of it. You must wear compression garments for several weeks after your BBL procedure to ensure optimal results.

These garments are specialized pieces of unique fabric that fit snugly against the body. It helps promote healing after any major surgery and should be worn directly over the area where you had your procedure done. In this case, that’s your buttocks and waist area.

Find out more on the benefits of wearing compression garments and a guide to choosing suitable attire for each stage of recovery.

Advantages of Wearing a Compression Attire After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Wearing a compression garment after going through a BBL procedure has plenty of benefits, such as:
Decreased Swelling – Compression garments help reduce swelling after the surgery by supporting the treated area. The mild pressure helps drain accumulated fluid on the operated site speeding up the healing process.

Improved Comfort – Compression garments also provide comfort by reducing discomfort caused by swelling or bruising. Additionally, they provide extra support during movement, which can be especially helpful during physical activity or exercise post-surgery.

Improving circulation – By applying pressure on specific areas, compression garments can help improve circulation in those areas, which helps promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Preventing infection – Post-BBL, wearing a compression garment is critical to ensure that harmful bacteria cannot enter the wound and cause disease, which would prolong the healing process.

Ultimate Outcome – Wearing a compression garment can accentuate the shape of your buttocks and optimize fat grafting success rates.

How Long to Wear Compression Garment After BBL?

To maximize its benefits, you should wear a compression garment for at least 6-10 weeks following your BBL procedure. During this time, you should be wearing it 24/7 except when showering or washing it. The type and amount of compression required may vary depending on your situation, so check with your surgeon before starting any post-op regimen.

BBL Compression Garment Guide

The type of compression garment needed after a BBL will depend on the donor site and the liposuction procedure.

Compression garments for BBL cover the entire area where the fat was harvested and should be worn 12-24 hours a day, depending on the doctor’s recommendation. Compression garments should not feel tight or uncomfortable but should fit snugly around the area. The garments are designed for each recovery stage as follows:

Stage 1 Compression Garment

Immediately following surgery, you will need a heavy-duty compression garment such as an abdominal binder or full body suit with built-in pockets for storing cold packs on each side where fat was removed (if applicable). This garment should be worn for at least two weeks after surgery to help reduce swelling and provide extra support while sitting or standing.

It should fit snugly without feeling too tight or uncomfortable against the skin. The garment should be comfortable and have at least four layers of fabric where the fat was harvested.

Stage 2 Compression Garment

Once the swelling has subsided enough that sitting or standing is no longer painful, you can wear regular high waist shapewear or light-duty abdominal binders/full body suits without pockets if necessary (depending on what areas were treated). These should be worn every day until approximately six weeks post-op or until instructed otherwise by your surgeon.

They are less restrictive while still being supportive. They should have a minimum of two layers of fabric where the fat was harvested.

Stage 3 Compression Garment

At around six weeks post-op (or when instructed by your surgeon), you can start wearing lighter shapewear such as thigh shapers, butt lifters, etc. The wear is designed specifically for shaping the buttocks area without providing too much pressure on newly implanted fat cells.

It is important not to wear these garments during Stages 1 and 2 as they may cause tissue damage due to their lack of support in certain areas, such as around the incision sites or where fat was removed. The garments should have a minimum of one layer of fabric where the fat was harvested.

Ask Us About the Different Compression Garment Options For Your BBL Procedure

Wearing compression garments after a Brazilian butt lift can help reduce swelling and bruising and promote healing while also helping reshape newly augmented buttocks into their desired shape over time. The amount and type of garment required will depend on individual needs.

It is recommended to wear heavy-duty garments immediately following surgery, followed by medium-duty, then light-duty shapewear over subsequent weeks until total healing. Consult your doctor before starting any post-operative care regimen to get personalized instructions for your case.

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