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Tummy tuck and Lipo 360 are two of the most trending cosmetic procedures performed to transform the abdomen. Although traditional tummy tucks have continued to remain popular, tummy tuck 360s allow women to obtain curvier bodies without undergoing multiple procedures to achieve their desired results. The high satisfaction rate of this approach has contributed to its popularity for those who are looking to transform their physique and physical appearance. With Tummy Tuck 360s, you will look gorgeous from any angle. 

What is Tummy Tuck 360?

A tummy tuck 360 is a more extensive tummy tuck procedure and involves removing excess skin around the abdomen and not just below the belly button, compared to a traditional tummy tuck. It also includes removing fat on the back and flanks with liposuction that is performed for more extensive and noticeable results. The procedure includes standard abdomen tightening and removing extra fat that is present on the entire trunk. This allows bra rolls, muffin tops, stomach flab, and back fat to be removed in a single procedure.

Can Tummy Tuck and Lipo 360 be safely combined?

Yes, a tummy tuck and lip 360 can be safely combined without undergoing multiple procedures for patients who are looking to remove excess fat and skin that has developed. Most people undergo both procedures to obtain more benefits and achieve a more sculpted look, especially if excess skin or fat is present due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. This also reduces the recovery time and the amount of pain that is involved. Adding liposuction to a tummy tuck doesn’t increase the patient’s pain level.

Adding liposuction can enhance the results of the tummy tuck. Some patients even opt to have liposuction on other areas of the body. Losing ten to 15 pounds after the tummy tuck and liposuction is performed can also impact the quality of the results.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck 360

With a tummy tuck 360, you will get the benefits of a traditional Tummy tuck plus a sculpting effect in the flanks, back, and hips.

Tummy tuck 360s allow women to regain confidence and achieve a slimmer physique, especially around the midsection. It can remove extra fat that can’t always be extracted with a traditional tummy tuck and helps women lose weight that can’t always be shed with diet and exercise.

For some women, it can offer relief from back pain and place less strain on the spine. It’s common to have an improved posture and even correct ventral hernias that are present.

Once the body is restored to its previous shape and size, it gives many women the confidence to get back into a bathing suit or bikini. It also makes it possible to go down a few dress sizes due to the excess fat that is removed.

Many patients also have improved abdominal tone after muscles are surgically tightened.

Lipo 360 vs. Tummy Tuck 360

360 Lipo is unique because it removes fat around the entire abdomen, back, and waist, targeting more than one area. This type of procedure only removes fat and doesn’t include removing any skin. It’s considered to be a less evasive way to remove fat from the body compared to a tummy tuck and is ideal for those who have love handles they want to remove. The process includes using a cannula to remove stubborn fat, permanently removing fat cells for long-term results.

A tummy tuck 360 includes both a tummy tuck and liposuction, which is ideal for anyone who not only wants to remove excess fat but also has extra skin to remove to achieve a slimmer waistline. Patients who want to slim down their flanks and back can benefit from this type of procedure.

Difference between a traditional tummy tuck and a tummy tuck 360

A traditional tummy tuck involves removing the fat and skin that is present below the belly button while fighting the abdominal muscles to create a toner and more sculpted appearance. The procedure can include or not liposuction to create an improved contour.

A tummy tuck 360 is a more advanced approach that is more extensive and delivers even better results. This procedure combines a traditional tummy tuck with liposuction. Different Lipo techniques are typically used to extract extra fat that has formed on any area of the trunk as the plastic surgeon targets a broader area. Excess skin is also removed to slim the targeted area around the abdomen and on the trunk.

Difference between tummy tuck 360 and circumferential abdominoplasty

With a tummy tuck 360, it allows patients to improve the appearance of the entire area of their waist and abdomen instead of just the area below their belly button. Excess fat is removed from different parts of the trunk through lipo, delivering comprehensive results. This allows the procedure to be tailored to the patient’s specific needs to remove pockets of fat that haven’t been burned through diet and exercise. This allows love handles and muffin tops to be removed, which are often left behind with traditional tummy tucks due to the isolated areas where fat is extracted.

Circumferential abdominoplasty is known as a contouring procedure that is performed on the trunk of the body. This type of surgical procedure is common for adults who have undergone significant weight loss. Incisions are made from the midline to the back and reshape the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Some types of insurance cover this type of procedure, depending on the amount of excess skin that is present and if it’s causing issues with the patient’s mobility or flexibility.

Consult a Tummy Tuck Surgeon First

If you want to improve your appearance and obtain a snatched body again, a combination of tummy tuck and lipo 360 is an ideal option to consider. It’s important to speak with a tummy tuck surgeon to discuss the issues you want to address and learn about the options that are available. A board-certified plastic surgeon who is trained in tummy tuck 360s will be able to perform a physical exam and review your areas of concern.

Talking to a surgeon during a consultation can allow you to learn more about the procedure and what you can expect to ensure your questions are answered.

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