Weight Gain and Loss after a BBL Procedure

Weight Gain and Loss after a BBL Procedure

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The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an in-demand procedure that enhances, lifts, and shapes the buttocks. It has quickly become one of the most popular procedures requested by patients here at Boutinic Aesthetics. In addition to feeling excited about the potential for a fat-transfer procedure for increasing buttocks size, many patients also have questions about what to expect.

Many want to know if future weight fluctuations will alter their BBL results. Our team is happy to answer all questions about what to expect from a BBL. While the best way to get your BBL questions answered in Miami is to book an appointment with one of our board-certified surgeons, you can get the basic facts on BBL and weight fluctuations below!

Weight Changes After a Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s natural for our bodies to change due to age, pregnancy, lifestyle, and other factors. Most people experience weight fluctuations at some point in life. While these normal weight fluctuations don’t usually cause concern, they could be problematic if you’ve had any kind of sculpting or contouring performed. Will weight changes affect your BBL results? The simple answer is that any change in weight can alter your BBL results.

This is one of the reasons why patients are generally advised to only seek sculpting surgeries and procedures when they are close to their “ideal” weights. The goal is to get a procedure done when you are at what would be considered a manageable, sustainable weight. Next, take a look at how weight fluctuations might impact BLL results.

Impact of Body Weight Fluctuations on BBL Results

Can gaining or losing weight after BBL affect your results? Absolutely. The reality is that a BBL is considered a semi-permanent procedure due to the fact that weight changes, genetics, lifestyle, hormones, stress, smoking, age, skin laxity, and a variety of other wildcard factors can impact your results over time. However, people who are serious about maintaining a consistent physique can easily enjoy BBL results for a decade.

Weight Gain After BBL

What happens if you gain weight after a BBL? It’s very possible for BBL results to be essentially reversed if you gain weight after having the procedure. The reason why has to do with the fat-cell transfer that occurs with a BBL. The reason why the BBL is able to achieve such natural-looking, custom results without risks for tissue rejection is that your own fat cells are harvested and transferred from other parts of your body.

Typically, these fat cells come from the abdomen, hips, back, or thighs. Fat cells don’t actually increase or decrease in quantity when your weight fluctuates. However, they can expand and contract. That means that the buttocks can become larger following a fat transfer if fat cells are allowed to expand. The expansion can be more dramatic than expected due to the fact that both native and transferred fat cells will be expanding as you gain weight.

Weight Loss After BBL

Will my BBL go away if I lose weight? If you’re wondering what happens if you lose weight after a BBL procedure, the answer is mixed. Your BBL results won’t necessarily disappear just because you’ve done some tightening and toning. However, drastic weight loss can cause your buttocks to shrink in a way that erases the gains made through your BBL. The simple reason why is that fat cells can contract with weight loss. The shrinkage of both native and transferred fat cells in the buttocks will ultimately cause you to lose volume.

Tips for Avoiding Unwanted Weight Changes After a BBL

The best way to maintain beautiful BBL results for up to a decade is to maintain the same general weight and fitness level you had on the day you had your BBL done. Body contouring should be done when you have reached a maintainable weight that makes you feel satisfied. While it’s fine to have a few pockets of fat that need to be taken care of using contouring, you should generally have your body where you want it to be before scheduling a BBL. Some tips for maintaining BLL results include:

  • Maintaining a consistent diet.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Staying properly hydrated.
  • Following all orders during the recovery period to ensure that you’re starting with the best results possible.

You aren’t doomed to be unhappy with your derrière if weight fluctuations undo your BBL. The Brazilian butt lift can be redone if your original results are compromised by weight changes. Some patients also return for repeat BBLs simply because they decide that they want even more volume after seeing their initial results.

Boutinic Aesthetics has a team of board-certified surgeons specializing in BBLs. We’ll be happy to help you discover if this body contouring option is right for you. Our esteemed Miami plastic surgery clinic offers easy financing for all procedures. Book a Brazilian butt lift consultation in Miami today by calling Boutinic Aesthetics at (305) 504-8628.

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