Post-surgical Lymphatic Massage

After cosmetic surgery, post-surgical lymphatic massages are an integral part of the healing and recovery process. It’s an effective way to accelerate how quickly you heal and can be performed by a professional at any stage of the healing process.

Although it’s important to follow a healthy diet, rest, and take the prescribed medication your doctor orders following a cosmetic procedure, post-surgical lymphatic massages are also key to regaining your strength and reducing the risk of complications.

Inflammation and swelling are to be expected with any type of procedure and is the most common side effect that comes with surgery. If too much inflammation is present, it causes the tissue to become tighter and thicker, which reduces how quickly the average person can heal. When the lymph fluid rushes to the areas that are damaged, it prompts healing due to the proper nourishment that is provided.

lymphatic massage lines on a woman body infographicWhat is post-op lymphatic massage?

Post-surgical lymphatic massages prevent the build-up of fluids that can develop in different parts of the body when the lymph isn’t circulating as well. Lymph is a clear liquid fluid that is present in lymph nodes and contains metabolized cells, fat cells, waste, and proteins and is also filtered by the lymph nodes. This is how waste is effectively removed from the body.

Although this type of massage is originally designed to specifically treat lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling after lymph nodes are removed, it also breaks up fluid that accumulates in the body following a cosmetic procedure. A licensed and professional massage therapist is skilled and trained to effectively massage the entire body to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery

There are many reasons why cosmetic surgeons recommend undergoing a lymphatic drainage massage after you undergo a cosmetic procedure. The massage improves the lymphatic system and allows it to operate better, which is key to helping your body heal faster. When the lymphatic system is doing its job, it removes toxins that are present in the body and also regenerates any damaged tissues.

The lymphatic system can slow down when the body has experienced stress, trauma, or has fought an infection. Manually massaging the lymph that is present can jumpstart the system again to ensure it moves a lot faster.

You can experience more efficient healing, reduced fluid retention and swelling, improve the quality of the skin, alleviate stress and promote relaxation, remove excess metabolic waste and water that is present in the body’s tissues and boosts the body’s ability to heal, which can diminish the appearance of scars that form when incisions are made during a procedure.

Patients also experience pain relief with their massages and can feel more comfortable and at ease as they heal.

What procedures require post-surgical massages?

There are a few specific procedures where patients must undergo post-surgical massages to recover properly. Liposuction often requires this type of massage due to fat cells and fluid that are prone to hardening in the weeks following the surgery. This type of massage is also recommended for other procedures like Brazilian Butt Lift which include a liposuction stage during the surgical process.

Your plastic surgeon may also require a post-surgical lymphatic massage if you undergo a tummy tuck to ensure the lymph fluid is moved back to the passages to ensure it’s thoroughly flushed from the body and doesn’t sit in the same place for too long.

When you get a massage, it will reduce the risk of developing fibrosis, which causes a lot of thick scar tissue to form directly under the skin and can affect the results of your cosmetic procedure.

How often should you get a lymphatic drainage massage after surgery?

It’s important to talk to your plastic surgeon about how often you need a lymphatic drainage massage after your procedure to ensure you heal and avoid excess inflammation and potential side effects. Most medical professionals recommend undergoing a massage with a professional once each week. They may also suggest that you massage the affected areas once or twice a day for better results.

Your first massage should be scheduled two to three days following your procedure after your body has had a chance to heal. With tummy tucks or liposuction, your plastic surgeon may want you to wait up to two weeks following the surgery to undergo your first massage. This is when a lot of the bruising has subsided and when there’s less pain and discomfort present. If you get liposuction, you can expect to get an average of three to five massages. However, it’s possible to achieve excellent results after just two massages.

The timeframe of when your first massage is scheduled is also influenced by your overall health and how well you’re healing. Avoid scheduling more than the recommended number of massages, which can cause the minuscule capillaries to collapse. They will also fail to collect any of the fluid, making it necessary that too much pressure isn’t applied as you recover.

How long does a post-op lymphatic massage last?

On average, post-op lymphatic massages are 30 to 45 minutes. Some massages are even one hour long, which many patients prefer due to the relaxation they offer. The length of the massage depends on the professional that you visit, as well as the type of procedure you undergo and are healing from. Your plastic surgeon may require a specific length, depending on the type of surgery you undergo and how well your body is currently responding.

If you have excess swelling that is present, you can expect to have a longer massage. The length of the massage can also become shorter if you’re at the end of the recovery process.

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