Abdominal Etching Miami

Abdominal etching in Miami is a great option for men and women who are interested in improving their physique and obtaining a six-pack. This cosmetic surgery is considered a permanent procedure that delivers long-term results and creates a sculpted look that doesn’t require performing more strength-training exercises.

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Abdominal Etching at Boutinic Aesthetics

Quick Overview

  • Ab Etching price: $4,500 to $5,500
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Ideal BMI : Under 34
  • Average office visits: 3-5 office visits
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Procedure time: 1 hour
  • Recovery timeline: 1 to 4 weeks
  • Pain Rating: 5/10
  • Ready to travel After: 10 to 14 days
  • Ready to work After: 2 weeks
  • Final results: 2 weeks
abdominal etching miami

What is Abdominal Etching, also known as six-pack surgery?

Abdominal etching is similar to liposuction and removes a small amount of body fat on the abdomen near the muscles. The purpose of abdominal etching is to create the appearance of a six-pack, which means that some of the fat is still left behind to ensure the muscles are more defined and visible. A surgeon carefully carves the fat deposits and makes small incisions near the belly button.

Benefits of Abdominal Etching Procedure

Abdominal etching offers dramatic results when you haven’t had success with achieving a six pack with diet and exercise. It has a faster recovery time than similar procedures and allows many patients to resume their normal activities in five to ten days. The procedure leaves behind little to no scarring and can improve the overall appearance of both men and women of different ages. Additionally, the results are typically permanent for the average person.

Candidates for Ab Etching Surgery

Our doctors at Boutinic Aesthetics specialize in male and female abdominal etching; gender is not a factor that affects candidacy for this surgery.

Candidates for ab etching surgery is a healthy individual who doesn’t smoke, is not obese, and doesn’t suffer from any serious health conditions. The most ideal candidates are those who are less than 30 percent of their ideal body weight with healthy skin tone and muscles. It’s also important for the patient to have realistic goals with results they want to achieve while working with an abdominal etching surgeon.

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Before & After

Ab Etching surgery Before and After Photos

Men vs. Female Abdominal Etching

Men who undergo abdominal etching can differ between both men and women, but it mainly depends on the individual and their body type. Men can occasionally achieve better results because they don’t always carry as much fat around their midsection compared to women. There are many different factors that determine the outcome, which include age, overall health, and the current weight of each patient.

How Does Ab Etching Lipo Differ From Traditional Liposuction?

Abdominal etching is similar to liposuction but differs because it doesn’t remove all of the abdominal fat. Some of the fat is still left behind to ensure the abdominal etching surgeon can sketch the abdomen to create the illusion of a six-pack. Liposuction is also considered to be a more invasive procedure due to how much fat is removed and has a longer recovery process.

Abdominal Etching Surgery Step-By-Step

Both men and women can benefit from abdominal etching to obtain a sculpted abdomen and have six-pack abs almost immediately after the surgery is performed. The procedure involves removing fat that sits on the abs as the plastic surgeon sculpts the remaining fat.

1. Skin Marking

Before the procedure begins, the plastic surgeon will mark the natural abdominal markers, depending on where fat will be removed on the abdomen. This will guide the surgeon during the procedure.

2. Anesthesia and Incisions

 General anesthesia is administered to the patient before incisions are made to ensure the cannula can be introduced to the targeted areas.

3. Six Pack surgery process

The plastic surgeon uses a tumescent saline solution to infiltrate the treatment area to shrink blood vessels and reduce blood loss before excess fat is removed. A cannula is used to remove the fat under the skin while enhancing specific muscles on the torso. The incisions are then closed by the plastic surgeon.

3. Post-op Recovery

Your surgeon will give you personalized aftercare instructions to ensure a speedy post-op recovery. During the abdominal etching recovery, patients are instructed to wear liposuction compression garments for three to six weeks and maintain a healthy diet. It’s important to provide proper care to the surgical sites and attend all follow-up appointments at Boutinic Aesthetics.

Recovery After Ab Sculpting Surgery

The average recovery timeline for six-pack surgery takes between 1 to 2 weeks. It’s important to wear compression garments following the surgery to promote proper healing and avoid complications. It’s important to avoid physical activity for at least ten days following the surgery. Normal activities can be resumed two weeks following the procedure after the surgeon takes a look at the surgical site during the follow-up appointment.

General guidelines to follow:

  • You must stop smoking for at least 1 month before the procedure. 
  • Avoid crossing your legs to prevent blood clots.
  • Move your legs and extend your ankles regularly. 
  • Wear the postsurgical faja or garment as recommended by your surgeon.
  • Watch your hydration and nutrition drinking plenty of water and eating protein-rich foods.
  • Avoid strenuous activities or exercise until your surgeon approves it.
  • Take all prescribed medication, following post-op instructions from the Boutinic team.

Abdominal Etching Pros and Cons

One of the main benefits of abdominal etching is the permanent results it delivers. Patients can achieve washboard abs without spending too much time in the gym. The procedure delivers immediate results and can enhance the personal confidence of the individual. Additionally, about 98 percent of people are happy with the results, according to ovid.com


  • You can achieve a sculpted six-pack in one session.
  • As with other Lipo techniques, fat cells are removed permanently from the body.
  • Instant results, with consequent confidence and self-esteem boost!
  • Non-invasive, patients tend to experience fast recovery with almost no pain.


  • It is not effective to eliminate cellulite
  • Patients need to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain results over time.

Abdominal Etching Results at Boutinic Aesthetic

Abdominal etching is one of the top procedures performed at Boutinic Aesthetics due to the high level of experience and skills of the team. Dr. Fermin Morales, Dr. John E Nees, and Dr. Ernesto Torres have extensive medical education and are affiliated with multiple medical associations.

You can expect to see the final results of your 6-pack surgery after 10-12 weeks depending on the amount of fat removed. More defined abdominal muscles are immediately noticed just a few days after the procedure is done and the swelling subsides. Although this procedure only targets the abdominal section, it also has a positive impact on female patients’ waist-to-hip and waist-to-bust ratios. Men also refer an increased satisfaction with their burlier torso, particularly if they combined the ab etching lipo with other body-sculpting techniques.

Abdominal Etching Cost in Miami

The cost of abdominal etching in Miami is $3,000 to $10,000, depending on a few factors. The overall cost is influenced by the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the level of experience of the plastic surgeon.

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Abdominal etching is considered to be a low-risk procedure that doesn’t typically lead to a lot of complications. There are still some side effects, which include swelling, excessive bleeding, infections, bruising, and uneven contouring.

Yes, you can look forward to obtaining a six pack after undergoing abdominal etching. It’s important to have realistic results and view images that the plastic surgeon provides you with to ensure you know what to expect. Once you fully recover, you can enjoy having long-term results and showing off your sculpted midsection.

Abdominal etching has a similar cost to other liposuction techniques, depending on the type of procedure you’re seeking. The overall price of abdominal sketching varies, similar to how the cost of different liposuction procedures varies. More extensive procedures cost more, especially if more fat needs to be removed.

Although most types of surgeries leave scars behind, the incisions that are made during an abdominal etching procedure are hidden and discrete. Most plastic surgeons make incisions near the naval between the different abdomen muscles or even under the areolas. The incisions are small enough that they are difficult to see, which can allow you to look forward to showing off your six-pack without the fear of your incision scars remaining visible.

Yes, abdominal etching is considered to be a procedure that delivers permanent results, similar to liposuction. This is due to the body’s inability to replace the fat cells that are removed during the surgery. You don’t have to worry about accumulating more fat on the abdomen in the future, even with a higher caloric intake.

Preparing for an abdominal sculpting surgery requires avoiding herbal supplements and medications like aspirin, which can cause the blood to thin. Inform your doctor of any medications you’re currently taking.

Your plastic surgeon may advise you to follow a diet that includes eating clean, whole foods and avoiding processed foods. It’s also important to get close to your ideal weight and also prepare your meals in advance to ensure you have food to eat during the recovery process. Plan what you want to bring to the surgery to ensure you’re prepared and remain comfortable. It’s also important to find someone who can transport you to and from Boutinic Aesthetics.

It takes an average of ten days to 14 days to recover from abdominal etching. It’s important to avoid spending too much time on your feet or participating in physical activity, which can lead to infections and also affect the results. Your doctor will also instruct you to avoid lifting heavy items or placing too much pressure on the abdomen. It’s normal to experience a mild amount of pain and discomfort due to the incisions. The surgical sites may also feel sore. You can return to work a week following the procedure.

Yes, there are many other types of procedures that can be combined with abdominal etching to ensure you can achieve your desired results. You can talk to Dr. Fermin Morales, Dr. John E Nees, and Dr. Ernesto Torres about the other types of procedures you’d like to have performed to discuss your options.

One of the most popular combos is BBL and ab etching surgery. If you have enough fat to be processed and transferred to the buttocks, then you can opt to have both procedures, always with a previous consultation with your doctor.   

Although it’s possible to achieve a six pack and become more toned around the midsection, many people enjoy the long-term benefits of abdominal etching. The procedure can allow you to have more confidence and achieve immediate results without investing several hours each week on your physical fitness routine. Abdominal etching allows you to enjoy showing off a six-pack without having to continue to perform situps and planks to strengthen your core.

The procedure is also less invasive than many people assume, which means it doesn’t cause as much pain or discomfort. You can return to your normal activities within two weeks following the procedure.

Not everyone is a candidate for abdominal etching. The individual must be in good physical health to avoid complications. It’s also important that the patient is not allergic to the anesthesia that is used during the procedure.

It is also not ideal for performing for those who have a significant amount of fat present on the abdomen, which is difficult to remove. Only individuals who are not obese are considered to be a candidate for the procedure, making it necessary to work towards a healthy weight before scheduling a consultation. Our board-certified surgeons in Miami will evaluate your condition and help you to decide if an abdominal etching procedure is right for you.