Gynecomastia Surgery Miami

Gynecomastia surgery in Miami is an option if you’re unhappy with your excess breast tissue. Known as a male breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery can be used to reduce the size of overdeveloped breasts. This procedure is designed to flatten and enhance contours of the chest to create a look that is more in line with a traditional masculine chest. Take a look at everything you need to know about surgical options for fixing gynecomastia in Miami.

Gynecomastia Surgery at Boutinic Aesthetics

Quick Overview

  • Men breast reduction price: $4,000 – $4,500
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Average office visits:Three to five
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Procedure time: One to three hours
  • Recovery timeline: One to two weeks
  • Pain Rating: 5/10
  • Ready to travel After: Five to seven days
  • Ready to work After: One week
  • Final results: One to two months

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia surgery is essentially a male breast reduction surgery. It is used to treat a condition called gynecomastia that is characterized by overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men. Gynecomastia can develop in men of all ages. While it is often the result of hormonal changes within the body, gynecomastia can also be caused by obesity, heredity, and certain medications.

Men with gynecomastia have localized fat with excessive glandular tissue in the breast area. This extra mass is sometimes accompanied by excess breast skin. In extreme cases of gynecomastia, the excess tissue may actually create sagging and stretching in the skin around the nipple.

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for Me?

If you’re considering gynecomastia surgery, you’ve probably been living with discomfort for quite some time. This condition can rob you of your confidence. It’s very common for men living with gynecomastia to avoid taking off their shirts in front of other people. A good candidate for gynecomastia surgery is any man who feels unhappy about his enlarged breast tissue. Ideally, a candidate will be in general good health. It’s also important to be of a healthy weight that is close to your goal weight when considering this surgery. Gynecomastia surgery is not a weight-loss surgery. While it can create a sleeker, fitter appearance, the goal of the surgery is to correct an overgrowth of tissue in a specific area of the body.

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery helps many men to stop feeling self-conscious about their bodies. This surgery can help you to have a more masculine physique that is more in line with how you perceive yourself. In addition, removing excess breast tissue can help you to be active without pain, discomfort, and chafing. Many men find that back pain goes away after surgery because they are no longer carrying excessive weight in the chest area. This surgery can also help to improve posture because it restores balance in the upper body.

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Are you struggling to feel confident with your appearance because of your male breasts? Jokes about “man boobs” can cut a person to the core. In addition to robbing you of your confidence, the development of male breasts can simply make it harder to live the active life you want to live. Boutinic Aesthetics offers free consultations for male breast reduction surgery in Miami. The surgeons at our state-of-the-art clinic in South Florida can explain every step of this procedure to help you get an idea of what to expect. Book an appointment to talk about gynecomastia surgery today!

Preparing for the Procedure

Prior to your procedure, you’ll be advised to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking any medications or supplements that may interfere with recovery. Lab testing and a medical evaluation will also be done in preparation for your surgery. Be sure to make arrangements for someone to drive you home following surgery on surgery day.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery at Boutinic Aesthetics

The surgeons at our clinic have more than 20 years of experience. Our experience in male breast reduction enables us to provide safe, cutting-edge care for achieving your aesthetic goals. Take a look at what you can expect on surgery day.

1. Anesthesia

Anesthesia and pain medications will be administered for your comfort both before and after your procedure. Your options for anesthesia will be discussed with your surgeon when your appointment is booked. General anesthesia is typically used for breast augmentation procedures.

2. Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are actually three options for performing male breast reductions. These options are gynecomastia liposuction, the excision technique, or a combination of liposuction and excision. Your surgeon will help you to discover the best option based on your expectations.

- Gynecomastia Liposuction

Liposuction is commonly used when gynecomastia is the result of excess fatty tissue. During gynecomastia liposuction, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted through several small incisions. The cannula is then moved back and forth to loosen and suction out fat.

- Excision Technique

An excision technique is usually recommended when it’s necessary to remove glandular breast tissue and skin. Excision will also be recommended if it’s necessary to alter the nipple and areola to create what resembles a natural male contour of the chest. Excision requires incisions around the areola and chest.

Combining Gynecomastia Surgery Techniques

Gynecomastia is commonly treated with a combination of liposuction and excision. Combining the two can remove fat while also lifting and contouring the chest. The techniques used for both liposuction and excision can be tailored to create your desired aesthetic effect. If you have a large amount of excessive skin that requires removal, more incisions will be needed. While every attempt is made to make incisions in discreet places to reduce scarring, correcting more extreme cases of gynecomastia generally leads to more visible scarring compared to minor corrections.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery Process

Recovery following gynecomastia surgery is very similar to the recovery process for any form of breast augmentation. Tubes may be used to drain your incisions of fluid immediately after surgery. In addition, your chest will be wrapped in bandages when you wake up from surgery. Bruising, swelling, and discomfort are all normal following surgery. Many patients find that wearing compression garments for three to four weeks following surgery greatly reduces swelling and discomfort. Generally, swelling will subside after one to two weeks. Most patients can expect to comfortably return to work within a week of having gynecomastia surgery. While you may be cleared to perform some light exercise within a week, all vigorous activity should be avoided for four to six weeks.

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When Will I See the Gynecomastia Surgery Results?

Your chest will be lighter from the moment you exit surgery. However, swelling and fluid buildup can make it difficult to see your results. Expect full results to be enjoyed anywhere from a month to three months following surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Miami

While the average cost of gynecomastia surgery is around $4,300, people are paying anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. The most important factor when deciding where to get male breast reduction surgery in Miami is quality. Only work with certified, experienced surgeons who operate in a state-of-the-art setting.

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Boutinic Aesthetics is proud to be able to offer affordable options for gynecomastia surgery in Miami. Our easy financing allows you to pay for your procedure over time instead of handling the burden all at once. Book a consultation with us today!

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Both options come with pros and cons. Liposuction gynecomastia surgery provides fat reduction and contouring without the need for large incisions. However, liposuction alone can’t address excess skin and glandular tissue. Combining both is often the best option when you need reconstructive male breast surgery due to excess skin.

The extent of your scarring will vary based on the technique used. Liposuction scars are often nearly invisible. However, scarring may be unavoidable if you’re having an excision technique done to change the placement of the nipples. Every attempt is made to make scars as concealed as possible.

Yes, it is possible for gynecomastia to return after reduction surgery. While cases of recurring gynecomastia are rare, this is an important topic to discuss with your surgeon when deciding if gynecomastia surgery is right for you.

Surgery is considered the most effective way to treat serious cases of gynecomastia. In some cases, a CoolSculpting procedure that freezes fat may help to reduce unwanted chest fat without surgery.

Yes, this is possible if the placement of your areola or nipple is changed during surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery is considered the best option for reversing severe cases of gynecomastia. However, treatments that range from weight loss to hormonal correction may also be viable.

It is generally acceptable to combine this surgery with other surgical treatments. Many men choose to combine their gynecomastia reductions with tummy tucks (abdominoplasty).

The downtime following this surgery usually lasts three to six weeks. While you may be permitted to return to some light workouts a week after surgery, you’ll be instructed to avoid strenuous workouts involving the upper body for several weeks

There are several different factors contributing to this condition. While excess weight is the most common cause, genetic factors, hormonal factors, and certain drugs can all contribute to the development of gynecomastia

Only work with certified, experienced surgeons who routinely perform gynecomastia procedures. We specialize in breast augmentations for men and women here at Boutinic Aesthetics in Miami. Our experienced surgeons have the skill and expertise needed to help you feel comfortable in your body again!