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The Brazilian butt lift or BBL, as is popularly known, changed everything for people seeking a fuller, more defined derriere. It’s no longer necessary to get butt implants to increase fullness. With the procedure, your own fat is used to shape, sculpt, and volumize the buttocks to create a contouring effect. Brazilian butt lift results can be tailored to help you achieve the definition and volume you desire. If you’re looking for more information about the Brazilian butt lift in Miami, take a look at everything there is to know about this procedure.

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Brazilian Butt Lift at Boutinic Aesthetics

Quick Overview

  • BBL price range: $3750 – $5000
  • Financing available: Yes
  • BMI Requirements: Below 34
  • Average office visits: Three to four
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Procedure time: Two hours
  • Recovery timeline: Six to eight weeks
  • Pain Rating: 4/10
  • Ready to travel After: Seven to 10 days
  • Ready to work After: One to two weeks
  • Final results: Three to nine months
BBL Brazilian butt lift miami

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

This form of buttocks augmentation is a fat transfer procedure that augments both the shape and size of the buttocks without the need for implants. During the procedure, excess fat is removed from the abdomen, lower back, hips, or thighs using liposuction before some of the fat is injected into the buttocks. When performed by a skilled surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift creates ideal proportions in the lower half of the body. The amount of fat transferred can vary by patients based on the amount of fat available, the amount of volume you desire, and other personal preferences.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift creates natural-looking, perfectly proportioned results without the need for implants. That means a shorter recovery time with less discomfort. The procedure also has low risk for complications or infection because you’re using your own fat to build volume in the buttocks. In addition, the surgery tightens, lifts, and augments the buttocks with fast results. The Brazilian butt lift is often preferred over implants among people who want minimal incisions.

Candidates for Buttock Augmentation With Fat Transfer

A candidate for the procedure is someone with a desire to enhance the shape of their buttocks while also bringing the rest of the lower body into proportion. They would also like to reduce some body fat that isn’t responding to diet and exercise. It’s important to note that some excess body fat is needed in order to support the fat transfer that is part of the Brazilian butt lift. For candidates who don’t have body fat to support the procedure, alternatives can be recommended. Candidates should also be in general good health without any risk factors that could complicate recovery.

How Much Fat Do You Need for a BBL?

Boutinic Aesthetics is a trusted boutique cosmetic surgery clinic in Miami that has become the preferred choice for people seeking a Brazilian butt lift in South Florida. Patients are under the care of a team of esteemed surgeons with 20 years of experience behind each of their names.

While there is no specific weight needed to be considered an ideal Brazilian lift candidate, a BMI of around 30 is often ideal. Although 30 is the ideal BMI requirement, Boutinic Aesthetics surgeons are willing to work with patients who have a BMI of 34 or under.

In general, the procedure requires removing an average of 200ccs to 900ccs per buttock. The total volume of processed fat required to complete your augmentation procedure depends on your body type, aesthetic goals, and the fat deposits available for grafting.

As average:

  • Skinny patients: 250ccs to 350ccs per buttock.
  • Standard body patients: 400ccs to 600ccs per buttock
  • Large patients or those looking for very noticeable results: 700ccs to 1000ccs per buttock.

Top-Rated BBL Doctors in Miami

Boutinic Aesthetics counts on a top team of Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons in Miami, highly trained in the latest techniques to perform advanced safe BBL procedures. Working with experienced surgeons provides patients with the desired results and very low rates of complications.

Before & After

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami Before and After Photos

Initial Consultation With Your BBL Surgeon in Miami

The best way to discover if this procedure can help you to achieve your desired aesthetic is to consult with an experienced surgeon, expert in autologous fat transfer to the buttocks in Miami. During your consultation, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss any areas of your body you’d like to change. Your surgeon can show you before-and-after pictures to help you get an idea of what to expect from a butt lift.

Preparing for your Surgery

The best thing any patient can do in preparation for surgery is to lead a lifestyle that’s as healthy as possible. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in the weeks leading up to surgery. If you’re taking any medications or supplements that could interfere with recovery from surgery, your surgeon will advise on how to discontinue use. You should also arrange for a ride home from surgery, time off from work, and a quiet, comfortable recovery space.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

When you book a buttock augmentation procedure, your surgical team will explain every step of the process to ensure that you’re fully prepared. This is considered a minimally invasive procedure offering minimal discomfort, speedier recovery time, and virtually no scarring when compared to more complex surgical procedures.

1. Anesthesia

When you arrive on surgery day, general anesthesia will be administered after you’ve been prepped. Alternative anesthesia options can be discussed if necessary.

2. Fat Extraction and Body Sculpting

During the first part of the procedure, a liposuction device is used to remove fat from the abdomen, back, hips, lower back, or thighs. Liposuction areas will be determined by you and your surgeon ahead of time based on your desired goals. Next, the extracted fat is purified in preparation for transfer.

3. Fat Injection and Buttock Enhancement

Once the fat has been prepared for the fat transfer procedure, the surgeon injects it into specific areas of the buttocks to increase volume, enhance shape, and create a lifting effect.

Gluteal Augmentation Infographic

brazilian buttock lift techniques infographic
gluteal fat grafting safety infographic

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Post-Op Care

Make arrangements to be driven home after surgery. If possible, arrange to have someone help you around the house during the first day of recovery. It’s common to experience soreness, swelling, and bruising immediately after this procedure. Some patients also experience numbness. Pain medications can be prescribed by your surgeon to address pain.

The initial recovery period requires you to alternate between resting and taking small walks. It’s important to avoid putting any pressure on your buttocks. Sleeping on your side, using a donut pillow, and other tactics that will be recommended by your surgeon can help to assist with a comfortable recovery. Compression garments will be recommended during the first week of recovery.

The quality of the compression garments is essential, and specific products for different stages of recovery are advised: Stage One Garments for BBL, Stage Two Garments for BBL, Stage Three Garments for BBL. By the second and third weeks, pain has usually subsided. This is the point where most patients are cleared to drive again. By the fourth and fifth weeks, most patients can resume light exercise.

BBL Cost in Miami

The average cost of buttock enhancement with fat grafting, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, typically ranges around $4,807 and can vary depending on location and various other factors. While the average cost for a Brazilian butt lift in Miami is around $4,500, patients can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 based on the specifics of their procedures. 

BBL Price at Boutinic Aesthetics

The price of a Brazilian butt lift at Boutinic Aesthetics ranges between $3,800 to $5000 USD. The cost of your BBL will rely upon the technique’s complexities and how many liposuction areas are needed to accomplish your ideal outcome. Get a customized quote at your first appointment with one of our board-certified specialists.

Here at Boutinic Aesthetics, you can choose among several financing options or you can opt for our Layaway payment plan. We strive to make affording this confidence-building procedure for all our patients. Ask us about the options for financing your buttocks lift surgery in Miami.

BBL and Lipo 360

One exciting option is to combine the cutting-edge Lipo 360 procedure with the Brazilian Buttocks lift to create that classic, shapely hourglass figure. Lipo 360 is a world-class liposuction procedure that contours and shapes the midsection a full 360 degrees around for a smooth look. Lipo 360 can be used to treat the upper abdominals, lower abdominals, flanks, lower back, and middle back to create more definition with a buff lift.

Should I Get Butt Implants or a Skinny BBL?

The answer comes down to personal preferences. A skinny Brazilian Butt lift is used in cases where a patient does not have enough fat to support a traditional surgery. Liposuction is used on more areas in order to extract the amount of fat needed for a fat transfer. A butt implant procedure is a completely separate procedure from a buttock augmentation surgery with fat transfer. With this option, artificial implants are surgically placed in the buttocks to increase volume without using your own fat. Many people choose this surgery over implants because it’s a less invasive procedure with smaller incisions, reduced downtime, and natural-looking results.

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Brazilian Butt Lift FAQS

A second round of this procedure can be considered if you’d like to enhance your initial results. Patients are generally advised to wait a few months to allow results to fully settle before considering a second round.

Yes, a Brazilian lift is compatible with a variety of other procedures that can create a dramatic contouring effect. Brazilian butt lifts can be combined with Lipo 360, tummy tucks, and some breast augmentations

After a Brazilian buttocks lift you will show a sculpted figure almost immediately. Results from a Brazilian lift can be expected to last for several years. While results are not completely permanent, it’s not uncommon for people to keep results for decades.

The pros of this procedure include natural-looking results, minimal scarring, minimal pain and discomfort, and reduced risk due to the fact that you’re using your own fat. The only “con” of this procedure is that it doesn’t create permanent results. Some people also struggle with sitting restrictions during recovery time.

Always look for experienced, board-certified surgeons who have performed multiple Brazilian butt lifts in the past. Boutinic Aesthetics offers a celebrated team of plastic surgeons offering cutting-edge techniques for minimally invasive procedures that create dramatic results.

Generally, patients are cleared to have sex three to four weeks after this procedure. Your surgeon will advise you on when you can return to all forms of physical activity as your recovery progresses.

The Brazilian lift is considered a safe procedure when performed by qualified, licensed surgeons. New standards for surgeons in Florida require ultrasound technology to be used during Brazilian butt lift procedures. Ultrasound guidance allows the surgeon to have a real-time view of fat injection to ensure correct placement. We proudly follow all Florida guidelines for ultrasound-guided Brazilian butt lifts here at Boutinic Aesthetics.

If you’d like a Brazilian butt lift with a BMI over 30, your surgeon will speak with you about your options for having a contouring procedure done. At Boutinic we accept patients with a BMI up to 34, but If you are interested in a Plus-size BBL you can always contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Absolutely! The Brazilian Butt Lift is for anyone seeking volume and definition in the buttocks.

Doing a fat transfer to buttocks using the Brazilian butt lift can be a much gentler, more natural option compared to implants. Butt implants use artificial implants that are slightly similar to the implants used for breast augmentation. Unlike breast implants that are filled with liquid silicone after being inserted into the body, butt implants actually need to be inserted whole using an incision at the buttocks crease. Here’s a look at how the two butt augmentation options compare:

  • While butt implants need to be changed every 10 years, BBL results will be semi-permanent as long as you follow all of the advice given to you by your doctor during recovery.
  • While gluteal augmentation with fat transfer can help to create curves and shape, implants only add volume without creating any contouring effect.
  • There’s always a possibility for the body to reject implants. However, there’s no worry of a fat transfer being rejected because the procedure only places your own cells back into your body.

If you’re not sure which procedure will give you your desired results, speaking with a Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon in Miami can be helpful. You can weigh the pros of both options based on your aesthetic preferences. In addition, you can look at before-and-after pictures to get a good expectation of what to expect from both options.